What is the main objective of Ampeak?

Ampeak’s objective is to make the safest & highest quality power inverters and chargers, helping to create a better life for our Customers.

What makes Ampeak products stand out?

Ampeak always has a high-quality look and feel. When you hold an Ampeak product, you can tell it is solidly built to last for years. Our Classy orange color looks great & makes our inverters & charges easy to find & hard to lose.

How well has Ampeak developed as a Company?

For 25 years Ampeak has specialized in designing, building & shipping the highest quality products in the automotive industry.  Our advanced supply chain makes sure the products you need are IN STOCK in our US WAREHOUSE & SHIP FAST!  Our industry leading Customer Support system will quickly & efficiently take care of any question you might have.  Our R&D Team’s only goal is to deliver the most perfect Power Inverters & Chargers that any auto enthusiast will love & recommend to their family & friends, the highest form of complement.  Every product we make will outperform all competitors in the areas of Emergency, Multifunctional, Automatic Safety, Portability & Easy to use.  Ampeak has the best product Warranty in the business, with no questions asked for repair or replacement.  Ampeak will give you the Power & Energy to go wherever you want to be!