Ampeak 200W Car Power Inverter
Car Converter 4.8 a Dual Usb Ports | Ampeak Power Inverter | Ampeak
Car Converter 4.8 a Dual Usb Ports | Ampeak Power Inverter | Ampeak
Car Converter 4.8 a Dual Usb Ports | Ampeak Power Inverter | Ampeak
Car Converter 4.8 a Dual Usb Ports | Ampeak Power Inverter | Ampeak
Car Converter 4.8 a Dual Usb Ports | Ampeak Power Inverter | Ampeak

Ampeak 200W Car Power Inverter

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----- Why Choose AMPEAK -----
  • Fast Free Shipping
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 18-Month Hassle-Free Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Fast Charging Car Inverter: Ampeak 200watts dc to ac inverter, Provides 200 Watts continuous DC to AC power and 400 Watts instantaneous power, featuring 1 AC outlet and dual 2.4A USB ports, making the inverter fast charging for smartphones, laptops, breast pump, nebulizer, game console, kindle, TV, DVD players,iPad, and other electronic devices
  • Safe Power Inverter with 11 Protections for 200 Watts: Advanced technology provides 11 safe protections, It can provide continuous and stable current output, and not damage iPhone or other devices while charging
  • Built-in Heat Sink & Cooling Fan: Ampeak dc to ac inverter has well-placed thermal protection sensors, a built-in heat sink, and very silent automatic temperature-controlled cooling fan, making the inverter not get hot
  • A Unique Appearance Design: Ampeak safe power inverter uses the classy orange color, it is obviously high-quality and high-value
  • ABS Housing make the 12V Inverter Anti-static, good hand feeling
  • You Can't Go Wrong with Ampeak! We believe in our product and quality and we offer the warranty that proves it. An 18-Month Hassle-Free No Questions Asked Warranty


Continuous Input Voltage: 12V
DC Votage Input Range: DC 11V~15V
DC Input Low Voltage Warning: 10.5±0.5V
DC Input Low Voltage Shutdown: 9.5V±0.5V
AC Output Voltage: AC 100V~120V
Output Continuous Power: 200 Watts
Output Overload Power: >220 Watts

Car Inverter with 11 Protectios

Upgrade ON/OFF Switch

Dual 2.4A USB Ports for Charging Fast


How to choose a safe car power inverter?

1. Safety is the first.

Ampeak provides 11 safe protections for the 200w car inverter, ensure safety when you use it.

2. Longer Cable

About 23 inches length cable with a cigarette lighter plug since we can reach it to power a laptop in the rear seats.

3. The low interference technology makes the fan quiet working and stable, meeting most of our daily power needs under 150w power.

4. LED Indicator: Green-operation, red-fail.

5. Widely application

It can be used for camping, outdoors, vacations, road trips, remote job sites, and even charging household items.

Dual 2.4A USB ports effortlessly charge two devices (including any smartphones and tablets) at once fast.

What is the main objective of Ampeak?

Ampeak’s objective is to make the safest & highest quality power inverters and chargers, helping to create a better life for our Customers.

I would not say “commuters”, this is a very specific word & process that many in America do not do or do not like to do. “Commuting” here is a long, annoying, expensive chore that must be done just so you can get to work. I see “commuting” as a negative feeling. We should always cater to the needs of our Customers. As you have seen, I always capitalize the word Customer to show them right off the bat (right in the beginning) that we are thinking about them FIRST!

What makes Ampeak products stand out?

Ampeak always has a high-quality look and feel. When you hold an Ampeak product, you can tell it is solidly built to last for years. Our Classy orange color looks great & makes our inverters & charges easy to find & hard to lose.

How well has Ampeak developed as a Company?

For 25 years Ampeak has specialized in designing, building & shipping the highest quality products in the automotive industry. Our advanced supply chain makes sure the products you need are IN STOCK in our US WAREHOUSE & SHIP FAST! Customer Support system will quickly & efficiently take care of any question you might have. Our R&D Team’s only goal is to deliver the most perfect Power Inverters & Chargers that any auto enthusiast will love & recommend to their family & friends, the highest form of complement. Every product we make will outperform all competitors in the areas of Emergency, Multifunctional, Automatic Safety, Portability & Easy to use. Ampeak has the best product service in the business, with no questions asked for repair or replacement. Ampeak will give you the Power & Energy to go wherever you want to be!

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