Safety Battery Cables

For Battery Safety


For Inverter Safety

4 AWG 3 FT

For Vehicle Safety


What's a Safe Battery Cable?

When connecting wires to the battery, traditional battery cables can produce sparks upon connection, and exposed terminals pose unpredictable risks of electric shock and short circuits.

Therefore, we have sincerely developed this Slipcover safety battery cable. It not only reduces the sparks generated during connection, but the Slipcover design also prevents electric shocks and short circuits.

Additionally, it offers a certain level of dust and splash protection, there by extending the lifespan of inverters, batteries, and other equipment.


Operating temperature -20 ℃ to 105 ℃
Silver plated copper ring terminals
Rated voltage 1000V
Pure copper core
PVC sheath
UL10269 Standard CE certification

Ampeak listens to you and continues to improve the quality of its products and services. Your safety is always Ampeak's primary concern.

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