Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)
Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)
Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)
Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)
Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)
Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)
Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)
Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)

Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)

Normaler Preis $179.99 Sonderpreis$159.99
  • Our inverter has successfully obtained ETL certification and received the corresponding certificate
  • Smooth and perfect sine waveform, just the same as home power/city power
  • This pure sine inverter is equipped with a professional spark-free protection circuit
  • Soft start and 17 Safety protections
  • With an LCD display that masters the inverter working status
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Ampeak's DIY Power Station Combo

Embrace the freedom of portable energy and create unforgettable memories. The Inverter and Battery Combo is designed to enhance your outdoor experiences, allowing you to relax, unwind, and recharge with ease. It's time to elevate your weekend getaways with the ultimate DIY power station.

Power Up Anywhere

With this Inverter and Battery Combo, you have the ultimate power solution at your fingertips. Whether it's charging your electronic devices, running a mini-fridge, or powering up your entertainment systems, this portable powerhouse has got you covered.

Protect Your Device

Advanced pure sine wave technology provides quality AC equivalent to grid power which will protect over voltage damage your device.With its quiet and high inductive loads, no Annoying buzzing sounds

Professional Spark-Free Protection in our Pure Sine Inverter

When the power is improperly connected or a short circuit occurs, it automatically halts the output. This feature helps prevent sparks and potential hazards, ensuring the safety of both you and your devices.

LCD Display

The updated internal software makes the data display more precise, allowing you to easily understand relevant information such as input voltage, output voltage, output current, and output power.

Soft start and 17 Safety protections

This inverter is equipped with essential safety features, including Anti-spark Safety, Reverse Polarity, Overload, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, High Temperature, Short Circuit, and more—a total of 17 protective measures, With these protections in place, you can be confident that your Power inverter and devices will operate safely and reliably.

Pure Sine Power Inverter

Experience ultimate stability and reliability with the Inverter. Embrace the seamless pure sine wave output of this high-performance powerhouse,ETL certified.

Pure Copper Battery Inverter Cables

Ampeak's pure copper inverter cables ensure stable current and voltage, optimizing energy transmission and safeguarding devices from damage.

Smart Temperature Control

Upon connection, the fan starts for 1-2 seconds to check the power supply status. It activates when the internal temperature reaches 40°C or the load exceeds 200W, utilizing low-interference technology to operate quietly.

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Maximum continuous output

1200 Watts

Maximum peak output

2400 Watts

Input voltage

DC 9.5~16 Volts

Output voltage

AC 100~120 Volts

Low battery alarm

10.5 Volts ± 0.5 Volts

Low battery shut-off

9.5 Volts ± 0.5 Volts


Pure Sine Wave

Working temperature


Item Dimensions LxWxH

9.65 x 5.91 x 3.07 inches

Item Weight

5.00 lbs



Ampeak 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Truck(ETL Certified)

Ampeak 1500W DC 12V to 110V AC Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

Ampeak 2000W Continuous/4000W Peak Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter


$179.99 $159.99
$289.99 $259.99

Output Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Modified Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave

Continuous/Peak Power








Input Voltage

12 volts

12 volts

12 volts

Item Dimensions LxWxH

9.65 x 5.91 x 3.07 inches

11 x 7 x 3.5 inches

13.7 x 8.4 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight

5.00 lbs

7.20 lbs

9.00 lbs

Output Voltage

110 volts

110 volts

120 volts

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Well build inverter

The Ampeak 1200w pure sine inverter looks very well build, and it’s coming day I plan on installing it in place and try it out. It comes with the cables which are under the inner box. Well build inverter.

Nice compact Inverter that matches the advertised specs.

Good Inverter. Puts out a clean sine wave with over 90% efficiency. Able to handle 1200 Watts as stated. USB puts out the 2.4 Amps at 5.09 Volts. Clean PCB layout. Volts, Watts and temp are off a couple of percent just on the display but actual output, Volts, Watts meet specifications. Mine will trigger an overload and reset if you try to push it past 1300 Watts for any length of time but will deliver the advertised 1200 Watts as promised. Good value especially with the discount offered.

Matt & Tracey
Very Impressed with the Build Quality of this Wave Inverter

First and foremost, right out of the box I was impressed with the build quality. This really is all that! It is even better than described and better than I was hoping for! I can not tell you how impressed I am with this little inverter, but don't let the size fool you because it is a work horse!
This seems like a commercial unit, it has over 17 built in protections to protect your electronics! It has a large LED display screen that tells you input voltage, output watts, output voltage, output current, output frequency, internal temperature, battery status, battery status percentage, and indicated protections. It is able to run my fridge & freezer together, or my commercial grade espresso maker without any problems!
The wires were heavier gauge than I was expecting, and the clips on the end were industrial. There is a remote control that is not included, but you can buy as an accessory. Maximum peak output is 2400w, it has a low battery alarm of 10.5v, and a low battery shut off of 9.5v. This is a pure sine wave inverter so you can charge all of your high end electronics, and use your big screen TV, and your computer without any worries.
Because it has so many protections incorporated, it is the rarity to blow any fuses unless you go well above the stated wattage. When the internal temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, the inverter fans will kick in. The fans do make some noise, but are not obnoxious.

Amazingly Useful and Powerful

I have been playing around with solar panels and needed a way to get the DC battery power to my AC devices. We have a Trager and I wanted something that was going to be powerful enough to deal with the electrical draw without having to worry about blowing a fuse. I'm really impressed by the Ampeak 1200W inverter. It handles the Trager off a battery well, and I've added the solar panel and charge controller so we can get a lot more time out of the battery.

Ronny Acosta
Doesn't overheat

I purchased a similar inverter but found that as soon as I plugged it in, the inverter itself started to overheat which caused my plug to short out and almost cause a fire. With this inverter, not only did it not overheat, but I had no issues with anything I plugged into this. I was able to connect this to my car battery and even a portable one that I've used with other inverters in the past. What I love about this inverter compared to my last one is that it doesn't kill the battery as fast and that it displays how much power is left. I've used this for working on the go with a laptop, a projector, portable speaker, air pump, a few grills, and charging devices. Easy to connect and love that it's small enough I'm able to store it away without it taking up a lot of space. So easy to use too.