Smart trickle charger | Ampeak Smart Battery Charger | Ampeak
Smart trickle charger | Ampeak Smart Battery Charger | Ampeak
Smart trickle charger | Ampeak Smart Battery Charger | Ampeak
Smart trickle charger | Ampeak Smart Battery Charger | Ampeak
Smart trickle charger | Ampeak Smart Battery Charger | Ampeak
Smart trickle charger | Ampeak Smart Battery Charger | Ampeak
Smart trickle charger | Ampeak Smart Battery Charger | Ampeak

Ampeak 2/10/25A Smart Battery Charger

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  • Two replaceable 50A external fuses
  • 2 USB ports (2.4 Amps each), 2 AC outlets
  • The starting temperature of the fan is 104℉,low-interference technology
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Ampeak 2/10/25A Smart Battery Charger

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Video Introduction

  • 【Smart, High-efficient, Fast Battery Charger】 Ampeak BC0253 car battery charger, with 84% more power and low-voltage detection down to 1-volt, suits drained or idled 12v lead-acid batteries including STD/DEEP CYCLE, AGM, and GEL. Fully-automatic and manual options, pre-set memory function ensure a more convenient and more effective charging.
  • 【Optimized HD LCD Display】 Intuitive words, vivid icons, and switchable interfaces help you clearly monitor your battery status, charging data & charging stages, and do troubleshoot in time. Full-wrapped pure copper battery clips with 1.38-inch/35mm openings and firmer cover really matter in your side-posts connection.
  • 【Multiple Charging Safety Ensured】 ETL-listed, smart-chip-controlled, safe enough to use without worrying about Spark/Overtime Charging/Overheating/Reverse Polarity/Over-discharge/Current Backflow/Short Circuit/Over Voltage/Over Current. Equipped with an intelligent 8-stage charging program for added charging precision, battery power optimization, and extended battery life.
  • 【Superior Jump Start and Winter Mode Charging】 The engine start aid can urgently activate your low-voltage battery and start your vehicle in 100 seconds. The 12v battery charger, adopting 0.2-volt more than its normal charging voltage, boosts your battery activity, then charges more precisely and thoroughly in extremely cold weather. Auto-stop when fully charged, auto-awake and pulse compensate when voltage drops allow a long-time connection.
  • 【Pulse Restore and Better Maintain Batteries】 The fully automatic smart battery charger will adopt a 15.8V high voltage to detect and repair your severely-sulfated terminals for smooth battery recognization. With the same high voltage (15.8V), it can also recondition and rehabilitate the lost performance of unused batteries. Pure copper transformer, super-fast heat-dissipation well improve its working performance.

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Model NO.: BC0253
Input  120V AC/ 60Hz, 9A   
Output 12V DC, 2A/10A/25A/Automatic
Working Temperature  -10°C ~ 40°C / 14°F ~ 104°F

Product Description

Ampeak Smart Battery Charger 25A PRO BC0253

Intelligent 8-Stage Charging Program (Controlled By MCU) --- Ampeak BC0253

Stage 1 - Battery Desulfation Adopt 15.8V pulse voltage for electrolytic removal of sulfated crystals. Automatically skip when not needed.
Stage 2 - Soft Start A slow and steady buildup of the charging process that limits the power input to protect your battery.
Stage 3 - Bulk Charging The main part of the whole charging process where the battery power will reache about 80% full.
Stage 4 - Absorption Fully charge the battery by slowly reducing the charging rate to allow your battery to absorb more power.
Stage 5 - Battery Analysis Auto-test the battery state after charging. Abnormal - enter the repair stage; Normal - turn to the next stage.
Stage 6 - Battery Recondition Restore over-discharged batteries. After repair, return to the "Bulk" stage. If it fails, an error will be reported.
Stage 7 - Float Charging Keep battery at 100% without overcharging or damages; Leave smart charger 24/7 plugged without worry.
Stage 8 - Pulse Maintenance Auto-wake up and pulse compensate to 100% full again when the voltage drops, with battery more durable.
About Ampeak:

A Must For Drained Batteries
Am - "Ampere"
Peak - "To be top brand in "Automotive" industry"

With 26 years of experience in the automotive business and a perfect supply chain system, Ampeak has been dedicated to providing the most specialized and sophisticated automotive electronic products, and focusing on the development of high-quality products.

Ampeak always gives priority to customers. Based on consumers' demand and feedback, we design smarter, faster charging, higher-efficient, safer battery charger.

Newest Eight-In-One Charger/Maintainer For Multiple Uses

  • 84% more power and low-voltage detection down to 1-volt.
  • Fully-automatic and manual options, pre-set memory - more convenient and effective.
  • Upgraded HD LCD display for monitoring the data & states and do troubleshoot in time.
  • Full-wrapped clips with 1.38-inch/35mm openings and firmer cover for side-posts connection.
Recondition Function:

It adopts high voltage up to 15.8V to stimulation battery, mainly for the bad battery caused by short circuit or low-softening plate.

The working cycle is 5 cycles, each cycle is 4 hours. If the charger test concludes that the battery (using the object) is still less than 12V after the repair cycle, the dead battery is determined.

  • Rated input voltage: 120V AC/60Hz
  • Rated input current: 9A
  • Rated output voltage: 12V DC
  • Output current: 2A/10A/25A/AUTO
  • Working temperature: 14°F (-10°C) - 104°F (40°C)
  • For 12V battery, not applied for 24V battery.
  • Do not charge a frozen or totally dead battery.
  • Do not smoke or allow a spark or flame near the battery or engine.
  • Do not attempt to fix the unit by disassembling or modification.
  • The recondition function doesn't apply for a frozen or dead battery!
What’s in the Box:
  • 1 Ampeak Smart Battery Charger
  • DC Output Cable with Fully-wrapped Clips
  • 1 User Manual



Applied Battery Type All 12v lead-acid batteries including STD/AGM/GEL/DEEP CYCLE/WET/ATV/SLA/VRLA.
Applicable Model Car, Motorcycle, Marine, Truck, RV, SUV, Boat, Lawn Mower, Camper, Golf Cart, and so on.
Warm Prompt Do not charge any frozen or totally dead batteries. Not for any single 6v, 24v, or 48v lead-acid batteries.
After-sales Service A 30-day hassle-free return / An 18-month replacement (No man-made damage) !

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love the smart charger

Simple, easy to use. Have bought 2 so that I can charge 2 tractor batteries simultaneously. Love the battery maintainer feature also.

Perfect for a fair price. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

I have owned a professional large charger that you pull on wheels. Besides the strong quick jumpstart that a larger unit would supply, this charger is perfect for the average homeowner. I used it for our large Sprinter van and repaired/fixed up a battery that had been sitting for about a year. Saved me $175. Would recommend to anyone that asks.

Works as described!

Great price! Great product! Glad to have bought it! Thanks Ampeak!

Gary b.
Great charger

Worked great on my dead battery. Easy to use. It’s like getting a new battery. Will update in the future

best so far

this charger gets the job done