Condition Apply to Claim Warranty

Products within warranty time enjoy free returns, exchange and repairing services.You can find the precise warranty period of your product on the literature inside its box.
Order number or purchase record must be presented to claim any of the forementioned warranty.

Return & Refund: Contact support@ampeak.com for any quality issue within 7-day starting from receiving date.
For product(s) purchased offline in physical store or other platforms, contact the corresponding store or retailer.

Issue non covered by the warranty

1. Products proved not to be official Ampeak;
2. Unauthorized repair, improper use, damage, negligence, abuse, accident, modification, incorrect use of accessories not meant for the product, tearing, doctored labels, and anti-counterfeiting marks;
3. Warranty has expired;
4. Force majeure damage;
5. Improper storage, exposure to excessive humidity and temperature for extended time resulting in performance damage;
6. Damage nonrelated to performance;
7. Improper use results in damage to the product or its accessories.